How Do I Feel When Asked to Write My Essay in Canada?

One of our readers shared his experience of writing an essay in a Canadian university and also provided a sample of one of his essays. We asked his permission to publish it and he agreed, but asked not to write any names. So, we edited the article to cite no names in it.

How did I feel when I had to write my essays in Canada while studying at my university? Learning something new can be a terrifying experience. One of the solid things; I have ever had to do was learning to write an essay. In one of the English assignments, you were required to write an essay. The interpretation of questions was to understand the meaning, and then answer it to a specific requirement that was challenging and rewarding at the same time. Challenging because this is an online module, you do not have any classes to attend; you just rely on the self-assessments and the module groups. Rewarding; it gave me more insight into the language and more confidence in my communication skills.

Experience of Writing My Essay in Canadian University

The ability to write a good essay is not something that comes naturally. I found myself doing work in visual literacy and grammar for example adverbs, proper nouns, collective nouns, etc. The lectures are quite helpful if you ask questions or need support; like the other day I was struggling to upload my assignments on my Unisa, they did assist. The assignments have been an eye-opening experience; which has led me to develop a deeper understanding of my action, values, and how to contribute to a successful outcome. Learning about myself through these self-assessments has been an investment in the future of both my personal and professional life. One of the self-assessments in the study guide proved to be extremely accurate. It assisted me with questions on how to interpret graphs.

Resources I used to be to carefully gather information from various sources: such as the internet, research, collect articles and late nights at the library reading and setting deadlines for myself and committing to stick to them. I also found material provided like a study guide; great assistance. My final score recognized the weaknesses I have with the online module. But I have learned my lesson. I should have started planning my assignments the moment I received the question.

Conclusively, the shape of education is changing because the world and its’ learners are changing.

My Essay Example

1 . Introduction

Ever wondered what factors influence customers’ choice of fuel/petrol stations? Well in this research task I\’ll be covering a few of the many factors that play a role in the customers’ choice of fuel/petrol station, but first I want to touch on how the businesses (fuel/petrol stations) came to this. To develop a marketing strategy it is important to understand the consumers’ decision-making characteristics. As well as the competition, as we all know in every market there is a competition but the fuel/petrol station has intense competition and searched for different techniques to “keep\” existing customers to stay competitive such as any other business should be doing, but the main focus is to have “customer loyalty” because it is known to be the heart of the brand. So finally here are some examples of what factors influence customers’ choice of fuel/petrol stations.

  • Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns have a close relationship with advertising and could be classified as “Advertising”. This plays a huge role in impacting the consumers purchasing decision, by doing this the fuel/petrol station is creating a shift in market shares. (This is mostly obtained by loyal customers.)

  • The personal preference

When we talk about the personal preference of the consumer this includes the likes, dislikes, morals, and values of the consumer. The advertising could influence the consumer to change his or her perspective on the fuel/petrol station

  • Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the “base\” of any successful business. When considering “customer importance\” in the marketing process, it will help the business (fuel/petrol station) to ensure greater customer satisfaction

Customer importance includes: Listen and learn -The business cannot improve customer satisfaction if they don’t listen and learn from their customers. Be where customers are and respond immediately.

  • My aims to achieve in these research tasks

To identify the factors influencing customers. To identify what customers needs and wants are at a fuel/petrol station is and what different fuel/petrol stations in South-Africa offer

2. Context Discussion

Namibian fuel/petrol stations consist of a variety of outlets including Engen Namibia – 1 500 service stations across the Sub Saharan Africa and Indian Ocean Islands, Shell Energy – 34 outlets, and Total Namibia – 30+ outlets

In April the fuel/petrol prices have been affected by factors such as the “road user charges” that were increased by the Road Fund Administration, now the fuel/petrol prices increased with N$ 0.70 and diesel with N$ 0.20 thus making the current prices N$ 12.75 for a liter and for diesel N$ 13.33 for a liter here at Namibia – Walvis Bay

financial services group PSG Namibia said: “The recovering oil prices, combined with the weakening of the Namibia dollar, are expected to lead to fuel price increases. This would in turn push transport inflation higher from April.PSG added that inflation remains low by historical standards, and they thus expect the Bank of Namibia to keep the repo rate unchanged for the rest of 2019.”

  • Engen petrol station

Engen is an African-based that takes part in the oil and gas sector. The energy company focuses on the process and marketing of petroleum products and the supplying of goods and services through a large network of service stations. The products consisting of Engen Primax Unleaded, Engen unleaded, Engen dynamic diesel, Engen LRP.

It is now in 18 countries in the Sub-Saharan African and Indian Ocean Islands and exporting its products to 30 + other countries. In 2012, it was the leading African energy company by having these five important values: Integrity, Performance, Ownership, Empowered, Teamwork

Sustainability for Engen means finding the correct balance between financial prosperity, social equity, and environmental performance. Thus being consistent and openly address the needs and expectations of their stakeholders for shaping their business strategies. The following picture shows Engen’s growth over a period of time.

  • Puma energy

Puma Energy is an intergraded global energy company, which was created in Argentina in the year 1929 by Compania General de Combustibles, which majority is now owned by Trafigura — Singaporean and Angolan Sonangol Group. the Puma group currently operates in 47 countries with over 2 500 fuel/petrol stations and has up to 7 600 staff worldwide.

The Puma group offer different kinds of petrol which are:

Unleaded 91, Unleaded Low Aromatic Petrol, E10, Bio-Diesel, Premium 98. Puma Energy employees have clear and simple policy programs to ensure the employees know what is expected from them and all employees are expected to act according to the values of the business. Which are: fair and respectful.

Both of these fuel/petrol stations are great and are very successful but some other factors make them this way.

Engen has the following that makes it more attractive to customers and successful — Quick shop, Corner Bakery, Rotisserie chicken or fast-food brand, Coffee offering, Woolworths or convenience meals, and Branded ATM. while Puma has — Groceries and personal care items, a large selection of cold drinks, fresh bread and milk, a Great range of take-away foods, snacks and convenience foods, Telecommunication cards, Newspapers and magazines, Automotive supplies, and in some places such as Queensland and Western Australia it has a restaurant for customers to order fresh tasty meals.

3. Methodology

To gather my information I will be setting up an online questionnaire for consumers living in Namibia — Walvis Bay. The source I\’m going to use is “survey monkey”. I will be sharing the questionnaire via What\’s app and Facebook. The image below shows the results of consumers and showing which fuel/petrol station they prefer.

4. Analysis and Discussion

5. Strategies for customers to return

  • Contest promotions

The petrol station owner could present contests and promotions and offer valuable prizes. The prizes could be advertised at the fuel/petrol station. The prizes must be something that encourages the customer(s) to come back. The advertising of the promotion could be done via visual promotions — television or flyers, sound promotions — Radio or a more effective manner is the “ word-to-mouth\” promotion.

  • Loyalty programs

Customers normally purchase the same products when they visit fuel/petrol stations. Having a loyalty program for customers who spend money on items such as pie\’s, fuel, and coffee could give your customers a reason to come to your fuel/petrol station daily.

  • Convenience stores

This is one of the most used strategies in the fuel/petrol station industry and also an effective manner for customers to return to the fuel/petrol station. This could be used to add long-term value to the fuel/petrol station. The convenience store would most likely widen the target market, thus attracting more customers.

  • Stock up

Staying stocked up with all your products and services shows your customer that your fuel/petrol station is well managed and on top of things. Besides, all products and services must be labeled with prices and should be packed correctly, make sure the store is selling fresh food and not expired food, this is important for generating income and not losing customers to the competition.

  • Price

Convenience stores of fuel/petrol stations are usually known for their high priced items, it is extremely important for you as an owner to have a close eye on your competitor\’s convenience store prices, because having lower prices on your competition would give you an unfair advantage over them and attract more customers giving your fuel/petrol station “unique\” from other fuel/petrol stations.

  • Customer satisfaction

As we all know without customers a business could not be successful, that’s why the fuel/petrol station employees need to be polite to the customers and the top management to consider the customers feedback about the fuel/petrol station, because at the end of the day it is the customer who decides to come back to the fuel/petrol station.

Ways to combat factors from the external environment and how to stay competitive in the industry.

Firstly, what are the external environmental factors? These are factors that the business has no control over but affects the business operations. These factors consist of Economical factors, Political factors, Technology, Ethical factors, Social factors, and Legal factors.

Any business needs to have an environmental analysis to identify the above-mentioned factors that could have an impact on the business indirectly. The impact could be positive or negative. The environmental analysis helps you to take action on a situation rather than responding to it after it happened because you will know what the key factors are. It is essential to have a strategy to survive in the ever-changing environment. The business has to respond effectively and position itself with the changing environment, if not the business would not survive in the environment and would face a crisis.

Conclusion and Reflection I have learned a couple of new things that I never knew about fuel/petrol stations. For example, the different petrol they use and where their headquarters are. This research task was not so sad, yes. It was time-consuming but it was fun to learn new stuff.

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